Wednesday, February 10, 2016

40 Bags in 40 Days {2016}





Today is Ash Wednesday and when I go to mass tonight, it will be a time of reflection, a chance for quiet and an hours peace. As I have for the past few years, I will be taking on a Lenten challenge, rather than giving something up. I will be doing the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge once again and it is especially timely this year.




Life has been moving pretty fast lately and throwing more than a few curveballs my way. I think this project will be a much needed activity to move me toward many goals that are coming to fruition. Doing a little each day and seeing the process in tangible ways will be a positive step and a clear sign that I am ready for whatever life brings in the future.



So, there will be boxes to go through containing things I haven't touched in years. Some of these boxes have moved with us around the country and it's clearly time to let them go. My mantra will be when I move again, is this something I want to take with me? Most likely, for most things, the answer will be no. And, in the process, I may learn a thing or two about myself.

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Chocolate Waffles




Since Valentine's Day falls on Sunday this year, what could be better than a special breakfast featuring chocolate? To keep things as simple as possible, these Chocolate Waffles are easily made with Belgian waffle mix and a few easy additions.

Follow the directions on your favorite waffle mix (for 4-5 waffles), but add 1/2 cup cocoa power and 1/3 cup sugar to the dry ingredients. The result will be fluffy and chocolately waffles that you can serve with a generous dollop of whipped cream. To make them even more decadant, add raspberries or strawberries.

For more chocolate goodness, I love to make chocolate dipped strawberries, especially for Valentine's Day.



My foolproof method really does make The Perfect Strawberry and I have been making these treats for years. Use good quality chocolate and dip in either milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate; whichever you prefer. Chocolate and Valentine's Day just go together.

Happy Monday!


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Friday, February 5, 2016

Halfway To The End - Downton Abbey




Every episode I watch of this final season of Downton Abbey means that it is getting closer and closer to the finale. I anticipate that tissue will be required, but at the same time I am hopeful that there will be happy endings to celebrate. It seems that many storylines are heading in that direction, though you never know what the writers may throw at us, considering Matthew died in the Christmas special.



Every Sunday, I sit enthralled with both the story and the sights on my television. This season is especially fun to look at with the flapper fashions the ladies are wearing. The dresses, necklaces and especially the headbands that Edith and Mary have been wearing, are just so fabulous.



Without giving away any spoilers, I do want to comment on the last episode and what happened with Robert and the shocking dinner party scene. The foreshadowing of his health problems was keeping me on edge and I even asked my daughter who has watched the complete season to tell me if something bad was going to happen (she wouldn't). What did happen was so shocking and emotional, I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. But, hopefully all will be well now.



Sunday nights in January and February will not be the same without Downton Abbey to look forward to. The sight of that beautiful Abbey with its rolling green hills, long drive and stately entrance will be missed and I can't imagine any new series that could have such charm and opulence at the same time. The upstairs, downstairs dynamic is what makes this series so special and these actors have created characters that we will never forget. I plan to enjoy every episode we have left.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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