Friday, February 17, 2017

I Will Miss This




This picture perfectly embodies my book club and what I will miss when I move. We gather around a table each month for a lovely meal prepared by our hostess. There are always special touches, such as a beautiful centerpiece or place settings thoughtfully put together to create just the right ambience. There is always wine and there is always great conversation.

There were a lot of mentions this time about my impending move and how it will be a sad occasion. Many have already downsized and moved, but locally. I will be the first in the group to move to another state. We have been together as a group for over ten years and have been there for each other in big and small ways. We are much more than a book club at this point. I know I will find a book club in Florida, but will miss the long term connection and the depth of feeling that comes with it. We know each other's struggles without having to explain and we know that we will be there for each other during the hard days. We all need our girlfriends and these ladies are truly the best.


P.S. We did also discuss a book over the best chocolate cake with mocha frosting I have ever eaten. Our book this month, Brain On Fire, a memoir by Susannah Cahalan, was a facinating read and a real life medical mystery. The author, a twenty four year old, healthy journalist had her life suddenly turned upside down as doctors struggled to determine if her symptoms were severe mental illness or if there was a physical problem with her brain.

Have a wonderful weekend! The next few days will be filled with house showings, so a lot of time will be spent staying away from home and finding something to keep us occupied. Another step closer to Florida.


Monday, February 13, 2017

White Chicken Chili - Recipe Redo




We are on a roller coaster of weather this winter here in Michigan, with very little snow and temperatures even climbing into the fourties on some days. But, even without the snow, we still have experienced our usual cold days where a warming dish like chili is very welcome.

This recipe is one I have only made a few times, because I tend to forget about how quick and easy it is to put together. The flavor is delicious and the thing I love most about it is the light and fresh taste. The green onions sprinkled on top are the perfect garnish too.

The recipe calls for rotisserie chicken and that makes things easy, but I always poach my chicken breasts and that takes very little time as well. This is one you will want to try before winter is over. My original post and recipe can be found here.

Happy Monday!


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Back to My Yoga Mat





We are very close to the house officially being on the market and there are a lot of thoughts and questions swirling around in my head. As we get closer to selling, I'm feeling the immediacy of the move and wondering how all the plans will shake out. How fast will the house sell, where will we go if the sale goes through before our new house in Florida is ready (likely), all the packing required - you know, those kinds of questions.

I'm being drawn back to my yoga mat to help bring a sense of calm, in the middle of all the change. For that 30 minutes that I practice yoga, my breathing slows, my mind becomes clear and life slows down. There is soothing music and the instructor's calming voice. On gloomy days, I light a candle or two, which adds to the calm atmosphere. And, once done, the feeling lingers. The pace of my day is just a little more relaxed and my mind and body feel in tune.

Because of my diabetes, I fight mightily to avoid stress, but it's not always possible. Especially when you are in the middle of a move. Yoga for me, is the best medicine I have found.

Happy Wednesday!


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